Friday, 14 October 2011

Dearest Love.

Had a dream about you,
it was the most beautiful dream I've ever had,
when I woke up from it,
I was crying as I wished I didn't had that dream at all,
                                         as it reminds me of how we were once perfect.

my love,
a lot of things has changed,
my hair has changed a lil bit,
my life is not what it used to be,
everyone's changing,
I might not laugh the same way I did when I was with you,
We may not talk like we used to,
But one thing that hasn't changed,
is my love for you.
I never have stopped loving you.

you might hardly recognize the girl I am today,
but it's me,
it's still me.
Love you till the end.

With Love Yana Dayana

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