Monday, 24 October 2011

A little less conversation with a little more action please.

I'm really into the less is more thing right now. It really is so hot right now. I mean just look Hana Tajima,she really pulls it off, she looks so comfy in this whole outfit and yet oh-so-stylish. And she actually looks decent actually, it's great that you can look good without having to show that much skin right? HEART!****

And this too,her sandals are very boho and sooo pretty!! I love the loose top,looks like something I would actually wear to sleep but she makes it look so damn good though! She looks awesome without trying too hard. I have a top that's something like this,I'm so trying out this look.Ooh La Laaa!

So,I'm trying to tone down my style little, opting for a much more comfy and simpler sense of style. I'm a little sick of having to dress up all the time when going out, toning it down would be really good right now. Love love love it!

With love, Yana Dayana.

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