Friday, 21 October 2011

When the right thing is always the hardest.

What is happening to me ? Am I turning into a monster ? a self-centered bitch ? all for success, to climb up the ladder? to be what I want to be? well no not really I'm not that messed up yet. You see, I know what's the right thing to do in this situation, I know it crystal clear from scratch.But God why is the right thing always the hardest thing to do ? I want to be the bigger person, doing the right thing here but I cant bring myself to it. What has happened to me ? It's as if I turned into a monster seriously. I feel so ugly right now. And I'm scared if the right thing would still end up in the same old story,me hurting that person again so I don't know.Is the right thing always right ? can I go left instead ? okay that wasn't funny.

With great confusion 

Yana Dayana

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