Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Forever young

Greetings you fellow readers who somehow have time to click on this blog and actually read my crap.

it's pretty obvious that I haven't actually spend some time to actually just sit down and write an actual post instead of posting some self-obsessed photos. I think I owe you guys one. So,how's life? my life to be exact (How's life is one of my favorite question to ask others, I don't know why)

Life is a little hectic,with assignments, works and anything that has similar rhythms to it. It's a little stressful but it's actually making me feel very productive and useful.
So bla bla bla I'm sure you guys don't wanna hear me babbling about this either.

So how have I been feeling lately? Well,I've been happier but I've also been worse. I kind of like where I stand right now, it feels good, but I'm afraid that I might be getting a little too comfortable with all this.

news flash ! I colored my nail,well it is one of those things I would do before I turn 22 and can I go all vain and say that I absolutely love it and God Damn it I love my nail!though the color is not that obvious, in fact, you can barely see it !

there you go,it's supposed to be burgundy which is supposed to be some kind of purple I guess but I'm pretty happy with this color, makes me look more alive, I think? No? Yes? kinda?

other than that my life is pretty awesome, if you don't count some friendship drama I'm going through and the fact that I don't quite have a marriage life. For now I'm just trying to do all things possible before I turn twenty two, TWENTY TWO ! such a cruel age to turn into for a girl. But yes I know I know, I don't even look twenty, I look at least 18 right? Don't have to tell me that, I get it all the time. But it wont hurt if you still do of course.

Forever young, Yana Dayana

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